Bearak Reports End User Agreement

End-User Employment
Credit Reporting Agreement

1. Bearak Reports has access to consumer reports from one or more consumer credit reporting agencies.

2. The End User (company name) is a ____________________ and has a need for consumer credit information in connection with the evaluation of individuals for employment, promotion, reassignment or retention as an employee. (“Consumer Report for Employment Purposes”).

3. The End User shall request Consumer Reports for Employment Purposes pursuant to procedures prescribed by Bearak Reports from time to time only when it is considering the individual inquired upon for employment, promotion, reassignment or retention as an employee, and for no other purpose.

4. The End User certifies that it will not request a Consumer Report for Employment Purposes unless:

  1. A clear and conspicuous disclosure is first made in writing to the consumer before the report is obtained, in a document that consists solely of the discloser, that a consumer report may be obtained for employment purposes;
  2. The consumer has authorized in writing the procurement of the report; and
  3. Information from the Consumer Report for Employment Purposes will not be used in violation of any applicable federal or state equal employment opportunity law or regulation.

5. The End User further certifies that before taking adverse action in whole or in part based on the Consumer Report for Employment Purposes, it will provide the consumer:

  1. A copy of the Consumer Report for Employment Purposes; and
  2. A copy of the consumer’s rights, in the format approved by the Federal Trade Commission, which notice shall be supplied to Bearak Reports by the End User.

6. The End User shall use Consumer Reports for Employment Purposes only for a one time use, and shall hold the report in strict confidence, and not disclose it to any third parties not involved in the current employment decision.

7. End User will maintain copies of all written authorizations for a minimum of three (3) years from the date of inquiry.

8. With just cause, such as delinquent or violation of the terms of this contract or a legal requirement, or a material change in existing legal requirements which adversely affects this Agreement, Bearak Reports may, upon its election, discontinue serving the End User and cancel this Agreement immediately.

9. The End User will hold Equifax, Trans Union, Experian and Bearak Reports and all its agents harmless on account of any damage arising or resulting from the publishing or other disclosure of credit information by the End User, its employees or agents.

____________________________________ Date: _____________
Bearak Reports, Inc.

____________________________________ Date: _____________
End User

Please fax this signed Authorization Form
to BEARAK REPORTS at 508-788-6642.