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BEARAK REPORTS was established in 1992 to help organizations and individuals protect and recover assets through the use of public and other widely available information. The Company's charter was to offer a broad range of Asset Search, Background Check, Business Intelligence and Public Record Information Services to Law Firms, Financial Services Companies, Government Agencies, and general corporate and private users.

The Asset Search Services provided by BEARAK REPORTS have enabled clients to negotiate and recover defaulted loans, prepare strategies for litigation, satisfy judgments and settle divorces by locating more than $6 billion in assets, including money, real estate and personal property. BEARAK REPORTS Information Services have been regularly used as part of the due diligence process necessary to derive an accurate financial profile of both individuals and business entities prior to acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and the granting of loans.

In addition, the company has conducted more than 200,000 background checks for clients who place a high priority on hiring honest, high quality employees. Background checks are most often requested on applicants who will work with the public, have access to money or valuable items, care for a child or elderly person or receive top-secret security clearance.

BEARAK REPORTS resources include experienced public document research and retrieval specialists, a global network of information experts, and the use of multiple direct and other on-line databases. This combination of sources enables BEARAK REPORTS to provide clients with the most thorough and accurate information available. In addition, a professional staff of attorneys, financial experts, and forensic accountants are available to consult with clients to develop the most efficient search strategy in order to achieve the case objective.

Once a search is complete the client receives a report that documents our findings. The BEARAK REPORTS team is then available to answer questions and make suggestions for alternative search strategies that might uncover additional valuable information.

BEARAK REPORTS is a charter member of the Asset Search Industry Association, a member of the National Public Record Retrievers Association and Public Record Retriever Network. In addition, the readers of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly have voted BEARAK REPORTS the Best Asset Search Service.

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